We were asked to raise funds to help a poor family rebuild their house, write two articles concerning our experience. All this was conceived as a game with tight deadlines.

How could it be possible to get the job done in just a couple of days? I was aware the real message was: a 2020 leading woman must find the time to complete everything needed, working day and night if necessary.

Miss England: We had to go fully “Against the wind” despite all the hurdles. So I immediately rolled up my sleeves and I threw myself into work! Just the time to win volleyball contest with my teammates and to participate at a funny karaoke performance after dinner.

How to raise funds quickly and efficiently was the challenge? The answer was through my web marketing skills, So we created a new website https://multiverseforpuntacana.com/ and linked to a Paypal payment button.

With my team we shot some videos on Sunday 8th to promote donations.
Web advertising was really effective: a large number of donations reached our website making every one of us proud for our call to action.

“What an honor to personally know the family we were working for!”

Miss Italy 2019


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