Minimalist cabin

Minimalist cabin designed to adapt to different natural environments. The focus has been on achieving integrated and comfortable spaces that generate a spatial sensation of amplitude. The internal social areas are connected through sliding doors with the external terraces.

Location: Within the property of the school project of Yamasa. It can be located on any type of terrain within the 60 hectares of the property, as it is elevated on treated pine columns supported on concrete bases, and covered with stone slabs.

Average construction time: 4 months

Construction area: 30 m2 of construction + 10 m2 of mezzanine + 20 m2 of exterior terrace.

Energy: Equipped with solar panels and an exterior closet for storing the inverter and batteries.

Spaces: • Comfortable dining area for 4 people. • King-size bed on the first level with bookshelf and closet areas. • Mezzanine with space for 4 people and two full beds, easily accessible through a movable ladder located over the bathroom area. • Complete kitchen with stove, extractor, sink, refrigerator, and pantry. • Spacious bathroom with toilet, shower, and sink with integrated washer and dryer area. • Complete closet and linen truss.

Developed by Multiverse Ventures Group